Praise for Double Blind

If you’re looking for a likeable protagonist you can relate to, then Kate is the one for you. Carrie Bedford has done an exceptional job in creating a character with doubts and quirks just like the rest of us, which makes the supernatural spin all the more believable.  This book draws you in and once it takes hold, doesn’t let go. Carrie has set the bar even higher with Double Blind, which is great for readers, and keeps us authors on our toes. A cracking read. -- Andrea Drew, author of the Gypsy Medium Series


Double Blind is a cozy mystery with intense characters who struggle in a world of pharmaceutical intrigue with political twists. Author Carrie Bedford writes with a high suspenseful flair and creates an engaging protagonist Kate Benedict. Paranormal elements mix with murders, kidnappings, and a dash of romance, all racing into an unusual and satisfying plot. A fast read, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable. -- Paula Cappa, author of The Dazzling Darkness