The Aura


Carrie Bedford is a real find, and The Aura is an engaging paranormal suspense story whose heroine is smart, strong, and almost overwhelmed when she is suddenly able to see that someone—friend, family or stranger--is about to die. Her unwanted power hits very close to home, along with the realization that anyone she tells will think she’s lost her mind. Bedford is a fine writer, an accomplished novelist, and a terrific storyteller whose characters ring true and pull us deep into the mystery.   -- Shelley Singer, author of the Jake Samson-Rosie Vicente mystery series and Torch Song, first in the Blackjack near-future thriller series.

The Aura by Carrie Bedford is a terrific book with a likable protagonist, skilled plotting and a supernatural spin. This gripping mystery had me hooked from the first chapter.  -- Janet Dawson, author of Death Rides The Zephyr and the Jeri Howard Mystery Series.